Buy One Vet One Program


Volunteer with usWelcome to our new online shop and Buy One Vet One (B1V1) program! We are excited to launch this program as there are many needs in our veteran community.  B1V1 is a community engagement tool and charitable sales promotion platform that allows companies, businesses, and nonprofits to offer services and/or programs to civilians and for a small additional cost we provide the same services and/or programs to veterans at little to no cost.

All proceeds from B1V1 go toward getting veterans and their families into positive and constructive outlets, much-needed retreats, alternative therapies, career and housing opportunities, and much, much more.

You’ll see our online store expanding as we continue to add new products, services, and merchandise. The proceeds of these sales go back into our B1V1 program to support a veteran in need.

Likewise, if you are a vendor or company that would like to partner with us to support this program, please click below.

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From our Veterans.  Thank You. 


Operation: Cover Down

After Action Network is partnering with Charlie Mike Theater Company to help with the current COVID-19 pandemic. We are collecting cloth masks for the at-risk and homeless veteran population in the KC area. See the details below.

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Aunt Bertha


After Action Network DatabaseThe After Action Database is a national database of programs, resources, and services to meet your needs. Find everything from job placement services to utility assistance, food pantries, child care, and much more!

Search ANONYMOUSLY, search for SOMEONE in need, or CUSTOMIZE your search.




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Security Bank


After Action Network DatabaseSecurity Bank is your one-stop shop for all your banking needs, and is a proud partner of After Action Network and the veteran community.





Caregivers Homefront


Caregivers Homefront logoCaregivers Homefront is a local non-profit providing care to veterans and their families.





Operation: Art


After Action Network Art ProgramsCommitted to helping the veteran community access and leverage resources in the arts more effectively to improve their general quality of life, whether they seek career, educational, or recreational services. For the veteran population, “livability” of a community can take on a much different meaning. Operation: Art will provide a positive, constructive outlet for them while rallying the greater community around in support.

If you’d like more information on our art program, or would like to submit your art for review, please use the form below.