‘There is hope’ Nonprofit helping unemployed Veterans reinvent themselves

‘There is hope’ Nonprofit helping unemployed Veterans reinvent themselves.

The latest news release on KMBC 9:

The After Action Network is helping Veterans be proactive, take meaningful action to pursue job opportunities. CEO and founder, Joe Williams shared his message for local veterans with KMBC 9 News.

“It’s all about doing something meaningful and taking proactive steps no matter what’s going on or how the economy is doing.” Joe and his team are looking to help those veterans in need by starting a local veteran non-profit that has gained national attention and growing.

How Valuable Medical 3D Video is Saving LivesJoe Williams served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 7 years and was discharged after his injuries during his service.

After Action Network is a Kansas City based Veteran Service Organization. We connect veterans to programs and resources as well as innovate partnerships with organizations to create opportunities for veterans, whether skills development, job opportunities, or social connections.

After Action Network’s mission is to combat the unseen threat of veteran social isolation as our service members arrive home by creating innovative platform for veterans to connect to communities, organizations, and programs.