Why STEM is Important for Veterans and Their Career Growth

Today I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about STEM. The word stem itself has many meanings, but one I love is “to arise or originate,” as in this blog stems from my desire to help connect veterans to meaningful careers. As most of us know, the acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

So why STEM as a blog topic? Simple. STEM is a great path toward a rewarding and enriching career opportunity like no other. Moreover, think about it. Can any of us imagine a world without science, technology, engineering or math? Sure, many think math isn’t used beyond passing that algebra class in high school, but the reality is that math drives the other three. And we need the other three to live the fulfilling and productive lives we want for ourselves and our future generations. So why not make a career out of one of these fields?

Veterans already have hands-on experience in STEM, whether they realize it or not! That gives you a leg up on others right off the bat. And we need more Veterans working in STEM, because it is the future! In fact, we need veteran leaders and youth to help us solve future issues and problems we can’t even fathom yet. US Department of Commerce says STEM occupations growth is now at 17 percent, while other occupations are growing closer to nine percent. So now is the time to chart your career path toward a real difference-making career.

How STEM impacted me

But before we tackle the future, take a quick peek at the past. You actually have a unique background that makes you a great candidate for a career in STEM. I will include my story here so you might be able to relate. I served four years of Active Duty in the U.S. Marine Corps. After my tour of duty and traveling the globe, I decided then that I wanted to move back in the civilian life and take advantage of the GI Bill that I had paid into. After getting my B.S. in Computer Science, I was able to start really diving into my career. Fast forward 20 years later, an advanced degree, and I have successfully served in roles such as Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer. 

Filling in a STEM role is vitally important to your career growth and success, but also contributes to this country’s success in the global competitive market.  And we need you to help meet the demand of a dynamic workforce. Why? Because STEM helps fuel innovation. And innovation keeps our society thriving. It makes life better. It helps us create a better world. That should be enough to make you interested in a STEM career.

Take a second and remember why you chose to serve your country. In most cases, it aligns with the very principles that STEM produces.

Here’s the bottom line. Veterans and students skilled in STEM will play a key role in the sustained growth and stability of our economy. A thriving economy fuels a better life for you, your family and the community.

So, if this speaks to you, join us to learn more about how you can get more information on investing in your career.

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~ Brian Thomas