Tim Herbers

Tim Herbers

Tim Herbers

Chief Financial Officer
Entrepreneur, FinTech
Kansas City, USA

Tim’s Podcast!

I’m a multimedia marketer and entrepreneur with 10 years experience building tech companies, and a tech nonprofit. 

My companies and executive teams have been featured on NPR, Bloomberg, 435 Magazine, Silicon Prairie News, KCUR and in White House, IARPA and DARPA technology articles. 

As a Business Leader:

  • Developed world leading Unmanned Aerial System Programs (Civilian and Defense Drone Programs).
  • Built and led senior executive teams.
  • Developed strategic partnerships and raised seed series and series A investment through grants and investors.
  • Built and sold a tech startup in KC through social media marketing.

As a PMC:

  • Supported Counter UAS, Counterterrorism, Counter Narcotics, Counter Trafficking In Persons, Civil Affairs, SIGINT, etc.
  • Created Standard Operating Procedures, Tactics Techniques, Training Programs
  • Over 6000 hours of UAS Operations

As a Tech Nerd:

  • Co-created 2 mobile apps showcasing advanced image classification and the power of crowd sourced computation.
  • Design, build, and maintain multiple websites.
  • Build large flying robots

For Fun:

  • I make autonomous machines that roam my neighborhood. (not a joke, I actually do this)
  • I track coyotes using machine vision and crowd sourced doorbell cameras. I then deep fake my dog into the videos and upload them to my neighborhood facebook page.(not a joke, I actually do this)
  • Oh and I’m a Veteran