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We establish programming ranging from yoga, meditation, Qi Gong classes and dance movement therapy to sculpture and painting classes. These programs allow veterans and nonveterans an opportunity to explore and engage with themselves and community members for self-development and learning.



A partnership with Aunt Bertha has help After Action Network achieve its extensive database and a national repository of 2.3 million resources by zip code across the United States.

From the database, the Veteran Navigator Network was created to connect with veteran service organizations around the U.S. to enhance transparency, connection and efficacy of all veteran service organizations. Connect to a Veteran Navigator now by clicking HERE.


We take a new innovative route with our Buy 1 Vet 1 (B1V1) fund, which leverages net operating income through our partnership product lines. As the fund resources grow, it is allocated back to supporting programs, veteran service organizations, the Navigator Network, partnerships, as well as a veteran-owned business investment portfolio.

Buy One Vet One

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Find out how After Action started from humble beginnings with a vision, simple plan, and hard work.
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