After Action Network


We establish programming ranging from yoga, meditation, and Qi Gong classes to dance movement therapy, sculpture, and paint classes. These programs give veterans an opportunity to explore and engage with themselves and community members for self-development and learning. Also, a part of our programming is the development of a clear pipeline for veterans who are in crisis to structurally build themselves up and into sustainability. We seek to change the lives of veterans and community members through the creation of new shared experiences!


Our database is a national repository of 2.3 million resources across the United States by zip code. This could not have been achieved without the generous help of our partner Aunt Bertha. With this tool we have created our Veteran Navigator Network to connect VSOs around the Greater Kansas City to assist and are currently building out this network across the United States to enhance transparency, connection, and efficacy of all VSOs. Enhancing these resources is a community live chat function between Veteran Navigators to access smaller resource opportunities that are not in the database, such as getting a volunteer to a disabled veteran needing their lawn mowed.


Every nonprofit runs into the issue of sustainability; a strain on funding is painful, it causes stress, and it also causes drag on programming and resources they offer. We are taking a new innovative route by creating the B1V1 Fund which is funded through our partnership product lines. As the fund resources grow they are allocated back to supporting programs, VSOs, the Navigator Network, partnerships, as well as a Veteran Business Owned investment portfolio. We are guided by the concept of alleviating the chains of funding and generating sustainability through innovative partnerships and products that we will be offering.